Vanness and ady dating handsome boy modeling school dating game part 1

11-Jun-2017 06:02

Then Vann push her hand away and said "who is your best friend!

I love the way they interact with each other, whether óff-screen or on-screen.

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Vann is full of energy, he seems love playing/running/jumping around Ady and Ady seems like to watching how crazy Vann is I totally support this couple hands dwn!

They only let go when they had to make a speech and present the awards.

I guess they are really that close or maybe they just like holding each others hands.

Gosh, I never thought they will have that kind of sizzling chemistry together...

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Presenting ' Best Animated Show' together: Presenting: ' Best Supporting Actress' together:what do you guys think..An rose to fame for her performance in the Taiwanese idol television drama "The Oustiders" in 2004, after which she chose to develop her acting career in mainland China.